“All traditions are fading over time. Lacquerware inlaid with nacre, or mother-of-pearl, is keeping its legacy alive with a dazzling brilliance and everlasting quality like a precious jewel hidden in a vast mudflat.”

Our Mission

CCOREA.COM is an artisanal hand-crafted brand, inspired by traditional crafts ensconced in Korean elegance. Our products are defined by exquisite designs and refined craftsmanship, and we add modern sophistication to traditional craft techniques in order to create a range of trendy pieces that preciously accommodate the modern lifestyle.


Traditional Najeon Technique, Jagae, or mother-of-pearl, refers to the shells of abalone, mollusk or clam

It is no coincidence that many people today are drawn to mother-of-pearl. Commercial spaces use najeon-chilgi for interior decoration, and companies are applying mother-of-pearl inlay to shoes, stickers, cars and electronic devices. Its decoration is seen on tables or plates as well. Masters of najeon-chilgi are also catering to modern tastes.

You can meet many Jagae artwork at Enjoy Dazzling Oriental Colors of Nature with Ccorea.