About Us

Time less masterpiece best describes Najeon-Chilgi, a representative are from of Korea which employs a fine-grained wooden frame finished with natural lacquer and inlaid with mother of pearl on its surface. Jaieon0chilgi is a traditional craftwork and its intricate and sophisticated craftsmanship make Najeon-Chilgi a masterpiece.

What makes Najeon-Chilgi timeless?
It is timeless not only because the lacquering technique used in Najeon-Chilgi makes it last for hundreds of years, but also our exquisite inlaying technique using mother of pearl has made it a valuable are piece for centuries. Because of its timeless beauty, it was favored by nobles and royalty. Nowadays, Najeon-Chilgi is used in everyday adornments that are a perfect gift for special occasions.

Starting with the most authentic Najeon-Chilgi patterns, we professionally apply these patterns from various culture to everyday products. Our final product hopes to spark some excitement in your daily life.