What is KOSK and how does it work?

 A company in South Korea, launched a mask that is just for the nose and leaves your mouth uncovered.
What is kosk and how does it work?
The “kosk”, a combination of ko, the Korean word for nose, and mask


Kosk, the mask, is essentially a two-piece PPE. Its unique design allows the wearer to fold the mask from over the mouth only. In other words, the nose remains covered even when eating or drinking.

According to The Guardian, the word “kosk” is a portmanteau of the Korean word “ko”, which means nose, and the English word mask.

Reports indicate that the mask is tagged as KF80. The ‘KF’ stands for Korean Filter and the number indicates the percentage efficiency of the mask in filtering out particles as small as 0.3 microns. This means that any KF80 mask can filter out 0.3 micron particles with up to 80 percent efficiency.
What is kosk and how does it work?
When folded up, a kosk can be used to cover the nose while a person eats or drinks. When unfolded, the mask covers mouth as well as the nose.