The Best Korean Coffee MAXIM & KANU

Delicious coffee is probably the best way to start the day, and most people will love to have a quick sip of coffee before heading to work. Instant coffee is famous across the world, and in Korea, however, it is taking the growth to an extreme level. Korean instant coffee is the way to go when it comes to getting your shot of caffeine in the morning.

In Korea, there are multiple instant coffee products available to choose from, and it all comes down to preference for shopping. If you’re going to someone’s house in Korea, then an instant coffee box might make a substantial gift. If you live in another country, you can also get these coffee products online for those Korean coffee lovers. It’s not only cheap, but it’s also delicious, making it ideal for a quick coffee.


The Best Korean Instant Coffee

    The Best Korean Instant Coffee

    There are many instant coffee brands in Korea. The instant coffee mix contains coffee, sugar and powdered milk. There are little differences such as flavor and types between brands(Maxim, Nescafe, French cafe, Ediya, Jardin, Hollys coffee, Twosome etc..) Especially Maxim and Kanu is the most popular instant coffee! 

    Here are the most popular Korean instant coffee products - MAXIM & KANU

     The Best Korean Instant Coffee

    < Maxim >

    This is Korea’s best-selling instant coffee brand. You can see the yellow instant coffee sticks everywhere in Korea in homes, office shelves, classrooms, and so on. The coffee contains only less fat, sugar, and caffeine content. It has the smooth coffee flavor that a coffee lover would prefer a lot. The coffee sticks have an excellent aroma, and they pack it with milk and sugar powder. It is easy to prepare this coffee, as you just need to pour hot water into this instant coffee mix, and it will get blended in the proper proportions. They are available as Maxim Mocha Gold Mild, Maxim Mocha White Gold, Maxim Mocha Light, Maxim Original, and Maxim Decaffeinated.

    korea best instant coffe maxim mocha gold

    < KANU >

    The Best Korean Instant Coffee

    Kanu is famous for offering café-style instant Korean coffee, and they developed this to give an exceptional coffee experience for the customer at home. This is also a better gifting option because of its excellent packaging. The Kanu dark-roast instant coffee with no sugar or milk is rich and better, and hence it is an ideal option for the person who loves to drink black coffee with no sweetener or cream. The various options you have in this brand are KANU Latte, KANU Mint Choco Latte, KANU Double Shot Latte, KANU Ice Latte Coffee, KANU Tiramisu Latte, KANU Vanilla Latte, and KANU Dolce Latte.



    Here are their other options:

    The Best Korean Instant Coffee

    KANU Latte / KANU Mint Choco Latte / KANU Double Shot Latte
    KANU Tiramisu Latte / KANU Vanilla Latte / KANU Dolce Latte