How To Clean Mother Of Pearl

How To Clean Mother Of Pearl
Cleaning the mother of pearl is something to be done with finesse and a gentle hand. It will scratch easily if not handled properly. To clean the mother of pearl, simply wipe it with a soft cloth or microfiber jewelry cleaning cloth, this can be done slightly damp or dry. Don’t use soap or water to clean your Mother of Pearl, as it is best to not get it too wet. The chemicals in most soaps will likely be too harsh for your shimmering piece too.
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You do not need any strong materials to start the cleaning; you need to start wiping the mother of pearls and then proceeding to further steps.

1. Take a bowl and add some lukewarm water to it. Now take a soft cotton cloth and dip it into the bowl.
2. Now gently wipe the mother of pearls with the damp cotton cloth to remove dust and dirt.
3. If it is not enough, you can also add a few drops of organic liquid soap and wipe with a cotton cloth. Ensure you do not dip the jewelry into the bowl, as it may damage the silk thread.
4. Once you have cleaned the jewelry with soap, take another piece of damp cotton cloth and clean the shell dry.
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To store or transport your mother of pearl, it should be wrapped in a soft cloth, then placed in a silk or soft cotton bag. This will keep it safe and in the best possible condition.